• Leather:  Handmade of full grain leather. The natural surface of leather is like a landscape with varying textures and shadowy furrows.  Care is given to the placement of each mask onto the leather hide before cutting.  Unique and individual markings distinguish genuine leather from man made materials.     
  • Colors Variation:  Color variation is the range of colors that can occur using the same dye color on two different hides. For example, medium blue leather dye may appear darker on one hide than another. The reason for this has to do with the unique texture, density and moisture content of each hide. Scratches are part of leathers unique character and, for the same reason, can contribute to color variations as well. 
  • Color Substitutions are easy and can be done at no additional cost.  The leather dyes I used are featured throughout the Collections.  As noted above, each mask is individually dyed and there are slight variations in hue from mask to mask.  If you need a particular shade of color please make note of it in the "Special Requests" field on your order form.
  • Lightfastness:  As with all dyes, the colors I use are not 100% light fast and so are susceptible to damage by overexposure to strong light. Over the long term, it is best not to expose your mask to direct sunlight. Diffuse, ambient light (artificial light) is best as it will help your mask maintain color correctness.
  • Tassels:  For masks with a black tassel strap closure--the tassel is decorative and should not be pulled on.  To tighten or release strap simply untie cord.
  • Handling:  Whenever possible avoid getting your mask wet.  However, if it does get wet while wearing it (from sweat or rain), set it down carefully on the display hanger or a table top to dry in it's original form.  Remember that flattening your mask out at any time, most especially when it's wet, will damage the integrity of it's original shape. 
  • Cleaning:  Cleaning your leather mask is easy.  Gently wipe away dust particles with a slightly damp cloth.  A thoroughly wrung paper towel will work well for this.  Do not use leather cleaning products on your mask.  In most cases, the leather surface has been sealed with a clear semi-gloss finish and it's clarity may be negatively affected by cleaning products.  If your mask has feathers, a good idea for cleaning them is to blow the dust off using a blow dryer.