General Info

These masks are:

Unisex and completely comfortable to wear.

Fully lined in an assortment of 100% rayon or cotton velvets (exceptions to this are noted in the mask details section).

For masks with a black tassel strap closure. To adjust the strap tighter, pinch knots (one in each hand) and pull gently apart. DO NOT pull on tassel. To release or loosen strap hold cord and, giving a gentle pull, allow black tassel's to come together.


Handmade of full grain leather. This means that its natural surface structure has been preserved and all natural markings are visible. The natural surface of leather is like a landscape, with varying textures and shadowy furrows. Unique and individual markings distinguish genuine leather from man-made materials and should not be considered as defects.


All beads are individually hand strung using a custom mix of glass, stone and hematite beads.


Color substitutions are easy and can be done at no additional cost. The leather dye colors that I use are featured throughout the galleries. Remember: because each mask is individually dyed, there are slight variations in hue from mask to mask.

As with all dyes, the colors I use are not 100% light fast and so are subject to fading over time. Over the long term, it's important not to expose your mask to sunlight. Diffuse, ambient light (artificial light) is best as it will help the your mask maintain color richness.


Whenever possible, you should avoid getting your mask wet. However, if it does get wet while wearing it (from sweat or rain), set it down carefully, on the mask hanger or tabletop, to dry in it's original form. Please remember that flattening your mask out at any time, but most especially when it is wet, will damage the integrity of the mask's original shape.


To preserve the shape and wear-ability of your mask, care is required when handling it. Displaying it in your home when it's not being worn is an excellent idea. Below are three custom designed black coated wire display hangers for mounting your mask onto the wall. Each mask has a particular hanger that it will fit onto perfectly. I provide a single all-purpose screw for attaching it to the wall. If you are unsure of which hanger to purchase please email me and I will tell you.

If you do not want a display hanger, you can rest your mask on a table top or shelf. When doing so it is always best to support the mask by resting it on something to preserve its original shape.


Cleaning is easy. Gently wipe away dust particles with a slightly damp cloth. A properly wrung paper towel will work for fine for this. You should not use leather cleaning products on your mask. In most cases, the mask surface has been sealed with a clear semi-gloss finish and it's clarity may be negatively affected by cleaning products. If your mask has feathers, a good idea for cleaning them is to blow the dust off using a blow dryer.

As Seen

People are often curious about where they might wear a handmade leather mask. Over the years I've been told many wonderful stories of masked revelry and have noted the different venues and social events where my masks have made an appearance. If you'd like to add to this list please feel free to contact me. :-)

Halloween costume parties
Renaissance Festivals
Mardi Gras Fat Tuesday
Carnevale Di Venezia - Carnival of Venice
Masquerade Ball Labyrinth of Jareth
Masquerade wedding parties
Masquerade birthday parties
Prom night masquerade
Purim mask and costume celebrations
Fiesta de Quinceanera
RPG Live Action Role Playing Events
The Bohemian Masquerade Ball - Australia
New Year's Eve Masquerade Balls
The Metropolitan Opera
Skin Two Rubber Ball
The German Fetish Ball
The Victoria Masquerade Ball
Save Venice Masquerade Ball
Playboy Mansion Masquerade Ball
Long Beach Carnival
Fantasy Fest Masquerade March
Myth Masque Ball - Los Angeles
Grazia Masquerade Ball - Paris Fashion
The Goblin King Masquerade Ball
Charity Bash Masquerade Ball - Austin, TX Carnival Cruise Ship Fantasy
Cirque du Soleil - Worldwide

Nestled quietly at her work table and surreptitiously spied on by several dozen handcrafted, wearable, leather masks that inhabit her showroom, Wendy Drolma declines, if only to herself, the curious title of Maskmaker. In spite of having been creating masks for over twenty years she sees herself as more of an Alchemist. The masks are a synonym, of sorts, for something essential and puzzling that vibrates just below the surface and tends to retreat as we draw near. Paradoxically, it's this cosmic game of hide and seek that fuels her desire to mold materials into something more... well... enduring. Something that has meaning in our lives and gives us the courage to stand before other people and feel powerful in the face of our destructibility.

In alchemical terms, Wendy creates vehicles of transformation. If you need to go somewhere you put it on and fly there, if you have a question it answers you. Terence McKenna spoke most succinctly when he said, “it's something that the human mind senses in itself and related to, invoked, worshiped over centuries before the slow rise of the patriarchy and rationalism and materialism turned it into a myth, a fairytale. It is not a myth or a fairytale, it is the burning, primary reality that lies behind the dross of appearance."

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