Turtle Pendant

$ 39.00

Each turtle pendant is handmade of leather. The technique I use is known as "cuir bouilli" (translates to boiled leather) and was historically used during the Middle Ages as a method of hardening leather.  This process can be quite temperamental and, as things go, that's part of it's charm.  The resulting beauty of each finished piece is completely unique.  What that means is that you get the pendant that is meant just for you. Below are two examples that were made from the same sized piece of leather.  As you can see, each looks quite unique.   

The turtle is not only a symbol of knowledge and wisdom, it's hard shell acts as protection. I think of this talisman as a reminder that, while we bear the burden of the world, we're also being protected.  In our shell we enter a world of tranquility, safely away from the distractions and demands of the world where true healing takes place.  Though remember what a wise turtle once advised (I'm sure it was a turtle), we must not forget to come out of our shell once in awhile.  No better way to do that than wearing your talisman. 

  • Hand shaped and hardened 
  • Polished finish
  • Underside hand painted
  • 23" cotton cord tie with bead closure (unless specified otherwise)
  • Approx. dimensions: 3"h x 1.5"w