$ 250.00

I've lived in Woodstock, NY for 25 years and have been creating masks here in my studio in the center of this magical little town ever since. I'm thrilled to bring my professional experience as a mask-maker to the intimate art of life casting. Together we will co-create a true-to-life plaster cast of your face. It's more meditative than you might think. It's what I love to do and I look forward to spending quality time together sharing in this unique experience with you.


What we'll do

With me you will be able to see yourself in a way that you have never been able to see yourself before, and hold that moment forever. Or give it away to someone you love, or care about.

Together we will make a three-dimensional Plaster of Paris mask of your own unique face in a safe, comfortable, relaxing and peaceful environment. Going through this process you will have a magical, one-of-a-kind experience and a gift to last a lifetime.


Before I begin making the mold, I will take time to get to know you. There will also be opportunity for self-inquiry prior to and throughout our time together. I’m sensitive to unexpected possibilities and to the unique needs and personality of each individual. You'll be in extra good hands as I begin the mold making process.


Once the mold is removed, we will explore your internal experience of the casting process and I will provide you with various options for how you'd like your mask finished. Start to finish, we will be together for approximately 1.5 hours. Your life mask will take approximately one week to fully dry before I can apply paint finish. Once that is complete, I will ship it to you anywhere in the contiguous U.S.


Where we'll meet

We will meet and spend time in my Woodstock studio. It's spacious interior is full of masks and other interesting objects. Here on the third floor you'll get a 360 view of the town that provides a fresh and lovely perspective. A real haven from the street level restaurants, shops and art galleries. You're sure to leave feeling as though you've explored the nooks and crannies of one of Woodstock's best kept secrets.

Before purchasing your lifecasting experience please email me at to set up a date. My schedule is flexible and it won't be any trouble finding a date that works well for both of us.