As Seen

Please are often curious about where they might wear a leather masquerade mask.  Over the years I've been told many wonderful
stories of masked revelry and have noted the different venues and social events where my masks have made an appearance.
If you'd like to add to this list please feel free to contact me. :-)

Halloween Costume Parties

Carnvale di Venecia (Carnival of Venice)

Purim mask and costume celebrations

Fiesta de Quinceanera

The Bohemian Masquerade Ball - Australia

New Year's Eve Masquerade Balls

Playboy Mansion Masquerade Ball

Myth Mask Ball - Los Angeles CA

Charity Bash Masquerade Ball - Austin TX

RingCon - Germany

International Festival of Masquerade Games - Blugaria


Renaissance Festivals

Laybrinth of Jareth Masquerade Ball

Prom theme masquerade

RPG Live Action Role Playing events

The Metropolitan Opera

Save Venice Annual Masquerade Ball

Long Beach Carnival

Grazia Masquerade Ball Paris Fashion

Cirque du Soleil Worldwide

Le Salon Fantastique

Fancy Dress Festival - Ghana



Mardi Gras Fat Tuesday

Masquerade wedding parties

Marquerade birthday parties



German Fetish Ball

Skin Two Rubber Ball

Fantasy Fest Masquerade March

The Goblin King Masquerade Ball

Carnival Cruise Ship Fantasy

Fantasy Fest "Cidre et Dragon" France

The Grand Masked Ball of Kamel Ouali  - France