Booth For Sale at the NY Renaissance Festival November 02 2016, 0 Comments

After many wonderful years attending the NY Renaissance Festival the time has come for me to sell my booth and move on to other venues.  Below are images of the booth I built, maintained and have improved upon over the past two decades.  

Two years ago new wooden siding was installed on the outside of the building as well as folding front doors (which double as display space during festival hours).  These front doors close onto a permanent installation Fortune Teller booth that is situated at the front entrance of the booth.  The Fortune Teller dispenses business sized cards one at a time when fed one quarter.

This booth, located at #29 Lakeside Market, is centrally located on the fairgrounds and opens to an active field (Greenfield Commons) where people gather to eat as well as watch impromptu performances throughout the day. It's a great location along a wide, paved path that will keep you busy selling your wares throughout the day. 

For additional information and sale price I can be reached by email or phone.

  • email:  or,
  • phone: 845.943.0444

Below is a list of features:

  • Deck Footprint:  15' x 15' (not including ramp)
  • Steep pitch cedar shingle roof (5 years old)
  • Pressure treated decking on floor
  • All entrances (entrance, back door and window) are securely lockable for easy end of day closing.
  • In booth storage closet with shelving
  • Private, shaded back yard is open to a large lake.
  • Unfinished sleeping loft (accessible using permanent ladder in back of booth)
  • Wheelchair accessible
  • Bench seating at entrance for customer comfort
  • New wood siding.
  • Permanent installation Fortune Teller Booth (great hawker)
  • Wooden counter top (live edge)
  • Gentle breeze rolling in from lake throughout the day
  • No direct sunlight inside front of booth.  
  • Well loved and in excellent condition
  • Friendly neighbors

  • Front doors are hinged and close onto Fortune Teller booth


  • Booth fully open.  Hinged doors become additional selling space.


Doors bolted to floor provide additional display space.


Standing in front of booth.  Right side of Fortune Teller.


  • Entering booth to the left side of Fortune Teller.  Showing mirrored door to storage closet

  • Window and back door open to let in light and a cool breeze from the lake.

  • View from behind sales counter.  Closet door painted red.  


Back door open to back yard.  


Moving around booth.  Edge of closet showing on left side of photo.


  • Looking right to left inside booth.  Live edge wood sales counter on right.

  • Looking up toward unfinished sleeping loft area.  

  • Standing in loft looking out back side of booth onto lake.  #29 Lakeside Market


  • Backyard.  Collapsible plywood table attached to back of building
  • Backyard is private.  Completely blocked on right side of booth.
  • Entrance on left side is gated.